Shelley Mitchell’s Reflections on Water, opens at The Prow Gallery

There’s always something happening at the Prow Gallery here at Bishop’s Landing! This February 9, a special exhibit called REFLECTIONS ON WATER opens, featuring Nova Scotian artist Shelley Mitchell.

Reflections on Water is the latest series of paintings from artist Shelley Mitchell. With this new body of work comes a new venue for Shelley at The Prow Gallery, located at 1479 Lower Water Street (street facing). Doors open at 6-8pm. This is open to the public, to art lovers and collectors, or anyone curious to learn more about art or the artist.  There will be opportunity to meet the artist herself as she will be in attendance.
Shelley describes her new work:
“All my working life as an artist I have included water in some form in almost everything I created. Although I love painting boats, it has always been the ways in which the colors and distorted shapes fall on the water’s surface that attracts and fascinates me. After developing this subject for over 25 years I wanted to really examine why these reflections are so interesting. I started to look intensely at my many boat paintings and found that by selecting small areas of reflections which I drastically enlarged and manipulated I was left with an abstract image that stood alone. Colors and edges could be made to give an effect of depth and movement that took me into another world….perhaps outer space or perhaps a single drop of water. I just really love where it leads me and I hope others do too.”  

*Street parking is free after 6pm and there is also additional paid parking in the Salter Lot located directly next door to the gallery.