February 2017

Let’s Celebrate! Great Ways to Mark a Special Occasion in Downtown Halifax

Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, special announcements—there really is no shortage of things to commemorate throughout the year. There’s also no shortage of ways to make your big moments memorable. In fact, after seeing all the ways you can mark a special occasion, you may just start looking for new reasons to celebrate (and we wouldn’t blame you!). Whether you’re gathering with a group or picking out a gift for a special friend or family member, here are four of the best ways we can help make your next special occasion one to remember.

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The Official Halifax Snow Day Checklist

Halifax Snow Day

While the blizzard that hit Halifax on Monday, February 13th has passed, the mark it left on the city is still very much present! You needn’t look much further than your front door (or the #NSstorm hashtag on Twitter) for evidence.

For many of us—with closures across work, school, transit, shops, services, and more—Monday was an official “snow day”. While we’d love to say the worst of winter is now behind us, hunkering down for the big storm got us thinking about the best ways to prepare for the next snow day in Halifax (we do live in Atlantic Canada after all—there’s bound to be at least another!). Read More »