The Official Halifax Snow Day Checklist

Halifax Snow Day

While the blizzard that hit Halifax on Monday, February 13th has passed, the mark it left on the city is still very much present! You needn’t look much further than your front door (or the #NSstorm hashtag on Twitter) for evidence.

For many of us—with closures across work, school, transit, shops, services, and more—Monday was an official “snow day”. While we’d love to say the worst of winter is now behind us, hunkering down for the big storm got us thinking about the best ways to prepare for the next snow day in Halifax (we do live in Atlantic Canada after all—there’s bound to be at least another!).

Whether you were fully stocked up this time around, or wish you had have been, bookmark this checklist for any upcoming “special weather statements”. BONUS: By partaking in our suggestions, you’ll be supporting local—it doesn’t get much more Haligonian than this!

STEP 1: Curate Your Halifax Snow Day Menu

Food and drink—arguably the most crucial components of a successful snow day. There’s a reason the #stormchips hashtag has taken Maritimers’ Twitter, well, by storm. And what’s a little hibernation without proper libation? A few classic picks include:

  • Start your snow day off right with delicious and nutritious complements to classic breakfasts—like Haskapa’s haskap jam as a toast topper or their maple syrup for drizzling over pancakes and waffles.
  • For kids and adults alike, there’s nothing quite like a steaming mug of hot chocolate on a stormy winter day. Plus, it makes for the perfect way to warm up after playing in the fresh snow. Choose from Sugah!’s selection of Milk, Dark, or Aztec Hot Chocolate blends!
  • Bishop’s Cellar has the perfect pairings for all of your snow day indulgences. For a power-outage-proof meal, why not put together a charcuterie and cheese plate with bread or crackers, paired with a delicious wine? For all varieties of #stormchips, popcorn, pizza and more, consider a craft beer. But don’t take it from us—ask one of their in-store experts for a recommendation based on your snacks of choice!

STEP 2: Stay Cozy In a Snow Day Outfit

Comfortable and fashionable don’t have to be mutually exclusive! Just because you’ll be stuck at home doesn’t mean you need to resort to wearing your PJs all day (although it’s perfectly acceptable if you want to). In the event you’re looking to change things up, though, consider:

  • Athletic wear like tees, sweaters, drawstring pants (see STEP 1) and more from Adidas and Champion, available at Alexa Pope—offering the perfect combination of fashion and function on snow days.
  • Bundling up with a gorgeous scarf from String & Theory Boutique, the perfect accessory for any snow day outfit!

STEP 3: You’ve Got the Power

A storm always means the power could out and you’ll be without electricity. In preparation, make sure to:

  • Charge your devices like your smartphones, tablets and laptops in advance (and get familiar with power saving mode)—heaven forbid you not be able to live-post your snow day activities and commiserate with fellow Maritimers online!
  • Locate your flashlights and candles so you’ll have light at night.
  • In support of the point above, make sure you have working batteries and a lighter! QuickPlus Convenience can help with those (plus is a great place to grab a bag of #stormchips in case you didn’t get your fill in STEP 1).

STEP 4: Get Ready to Pamper Yourself

If you’re planning on being at home all day, why not take advantage of some pampering time you might not otherwise have? Moon Moon Cosmetics has you covered:

STEP 5: Post-Snow Day Recovery

Alright, snow day’s over—time to get back to reality! If you over-indulged in snow day snacks, didn’t move much, and need some clarity in order to get back to work or school, may we suggest:

  • Picking up a delicious raw juice from Juice Press Inc. (bonus points if it includes veggies!) and a snack from their rotating menu.
  • Grabbing a caffeinated pick-me-up from Smiling Goat’s selection of espresso-based drinks and teas.

And remember—be sure to do all of your preparation before the storm, and only take step 5 once the roads are good and clear! Give yourself time and stay safe.

Did we miss one of your favourite Halifax snow day essentials? Leave us a comment below!