Your Guide to Self-Care During the Winter Months on the Halifax Waterfront

The winter can certainly take a toll on one’s mind, body, and spirit, with 35% of Canadians reporting they experience the “winter blues” during the colder months. According to Living in Canada, the temperature in Halifax doesn’t tend to rise above 0°C until at least March—meaning we still have a few weeks left of winter weather.

While there are plenty of activities to take part in during the winter months in Atlantic Canada, we can’t deny that it can be hard to get out and seize the day when it’s below freezing. That being said, the Halifax Waterfront is home to many businesses that help Haligonians stay healthy, feel confident, and de-stress, no matter what time of year it is.

Trust us, we’re counting down the days until it’s summer on the Halifax Waterfront just like you are—but until then, we’ve put together this list of ways you can take care of your health and stay happy all winter long!

Photo of woman with red hair and updoUpdate Your Look With a First-Class Hair Makeover

Dry air = dry hair. The cold winter weather, combined with dry indoor heat, is a recipe for split ends and itchy scalps. If you’ve been hiding under your hat, or you simply need a pick-me-up, a luxurious hair makeover from The Hair Factory will have you feeling 10/10.

The team at the Hair Factory comprises award-winning stylists and colourists with years of experience working on hair of all textures and types. Whether you’re looking for a full transformation or you just want to freshen up with a trim and a treatment, the Hair Factory team will take care of you and send you out the door feeling brand new. To book your appointment, call (902) 492-5343 today.

Treat Your Skin to the Most High-Quality Care Halifax Has to Offerphoto of woman with clear skin

Sometimes a heavy duty moisturizer just isn’t enough to save your skin during the winter months. With a focus on targeted skin care regimens and rejuvenating treatments, The Landing Surgical Centre offers a wide range of services that will help you look and feel your absolute best, and for years to come!

Patients from all over the Maritimes visit The Landings Surgical Centre to discover the best choices for long-lasting, healthy skin. If you’ve been contemplating seeing a specialist but are nervous, skeptical, or even just overwhelmed by the options, The Landings Surgical Centre is for you. The Landings’ team of experts are some of the most educated and experienced providers in Atlantic Canada and are dedicated to helping you figure out your personal path to better skin. Interested in learning more? Visit their website or call them at (866) 928-0023 to book your consultation.

Take Care of the Teeth That Help You Smile from Ear to Ear

woman smiling with her teeth

When was the last time you visited the dentist? If it’s been more than a year—or you know you need to go but you’ve been putting it off—the winter is the perfect time to take care of it.

Nothing feels as fresh as cavity-free, ultra-clean smile. Bishop’s Landing Dental Centre is one of Halifax’s top-rated dental clinics, and their fantastic first-time patient offers are a great bonus when prioritizing your oral health.

Self-care can mean tending to your health, but it can also mean relaxing and enjoying a fun night out. With Bishop’s Landing Dental Centre, you get the best of both worlds. This month, new patients get treated to a night out at the movies! Book your appointment for a new patient exam, x-ray, and cleaning to get a $30 giftcard to Cineplex upon completion. Click here to meet the team, and call them at (902) 423-4193 to book your appointment with Dr. Hassan or Dr. Bashow today.

Indulge in Rest and Relaxation With an At-Home Spa Experience

Self-care can be as simple as indulging in a bit of rest and relaxation. If winter has your spirits dipping, even just a little bit, a quiet night at home with face masks, foot treatments, and a bottle of wine could be just what you need.

Plan your stress-free night in by picking up spa-night essentials from Moon Moon Cosmetics and a bottle of wine from Bishop’s Cellar.

Bishop’s Cellar makes it exceptionally easy to select the perfect bottle, with recommendations from their team listed on their website with thorough descriptions. If you’re really efficient and planning your self-care night ahead, sign up for their Wine Wednesday newsletter and take advantage of wine discounts delivered right to your inbox on Wednesday mornings.

Moon Moon Cosmetics has everything you need to treat yourself to a relaxing night in that leaves you feeling refreshed. Their products range from super-affordable sheet masks and foot treatments to some of the most luxurious and intensive skincare coming out of Japan and Korea. Visit their Instagram page to see what’s in store, and drop in to pick up everything you need to spend a night in pampering yourself.

Prioritize Self-Care With Help from the Halifax Waterfront

Are you in need of a little pick me up? We hope these will help. Stay up-to-date with everything happening at Bishop’s Landing, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.