Start Prepping for the Holidays Now on the Halifax Waterfront

It’s official; the holidays are on the way! With the first snowfall in Halifax out of the way and some decorations starting to pop up around the city, it’s hard to resist the holiday cheer.

The very best part of the holidays is celebrating with friends you don’t see as often as you’d like, spending quality time with family, and relaxing with wine, spirits, and delicious holiday snacks. We’re all about enjoying the finer things in life during the holiday season.

If you’re experiencing any worry over preparing for the holidays, we’re here to make it easy so you can enjoy yourself without any panic. Here’s our list of ways you can start preparing for the holidays right now to ensure everything is ready before the parties, dinners, and events get underway!

Board with meat, cheese, and a knifeStock Up on Drinks and Extras Before Your Party

Are you hosting this year? Make sure you have everything on-hand so you’re not running out at the last minute to pick up forgotten items!

  • Stock up on wine, beer, and spirits. Bishop’s Cellar has been chosen as the best liquor and wine store in Halifax yet again for 2017 by The Coast’s readers. Bishop’s Cellar has a great selection and a highly-knowledgeable staff, so drop in and they’ll help you determine what your guests will love and how much you’ll need.
  • Get a local, crowd-pleasing dessert. Rum Runners Rum Cake Factory makes the best rum cakes in town, from scratch, right on the Halifax waterfront. Don’t worry about baking before your party, just drop into Rum Runners and let them handle dessert—you’re busy enough already!
  • Don’t forget the extras! Haskapa produces delicious local preserves like jam, chutney, and savoury relish, all of which are a perfect addition to your cheese and cracker plate or charcuterie board. Pick up a few interesting flavours and introduce your guests to Nova Scotia’s very own haskap berries.

Dress to Impress

If you have a special clothing item that doesn’t get much wear, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to show it off. Dig through your closet to find that perfect piece and visit String & Theory to make sure it’s in tiptop shape. String & Theory’s dry-cleaning and alteration services will have your holiday outfit looking fresh and fitting like a glove. Don’t wait too long, though—you want to make sure you get that outfit back just in time for your holiday party!

Having that “I have nothing to wear” feeling? Alexa Pope can dress you for the holidays with clothing and accessories that are on trend. From sweaters and skirts to party dresses and jewelry, they’ll help you find the perfect outfit for any type of holiday gathering.

Book a Holiday Party Well in Advance

Are you thinking about hosting a holiday party for your friends, family, or coworkers? Act now and book a venue to prevent yourself from being stuck with nowhere to celebrate!

Hamachi Steakhouse Bar and Grill is a fantastic place to treat your group to a unique dining experience. The restaurant offers holiday group menus, ranging from $40 a person to $65 a person, featuring surf and turf dishes and delicious desserts and sides. To view more in-depth menus and book your party at Hamachi on the waterfront, visit their website.

Bottle of wine in a gift box

Start Picking Up Stocking Stuffers and Host Gifts

You may have your list of giftees ready, but are you sure you aren’t forgetting anyone? During all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to forget the small details like stocking stuffers, host and hostess gifts, Secret Santa gifts, or a little something for your co-workers.

Luckily, the Halifax waterfront has tons of local, unique, and affordable gift options.

  • Everyone loves something sweet. No matter how hard to buy for someone is, they’ll love to indulge in delicious treats made in Nova Scotia. Sugah!’s candy and chocolate use the best local ingredients, ensuring a rich and quality taste.
  • How about a unique gift they can’t get anywhere else? Moon Moon Cosmetics is Halifax’s Asian Beauty Store, selling everything from cosmetics and skin care to fun accessories like phone cases. Their items make great stocking stuffers, or grab a few items and put together a cute spa-themed gift basket for a great hostess gift!
  • A bottle of wine is always appreciated.

    can help you find the perfect bottle to bring to holiday dinner or to help complete a gift. They’re even hosting a Staff Wish List Tasting on December 1st at 5 p.m., so get your tickets now to attend the tasting and find out what the best bottles of 2017 are according to the knowledgeable staff at Bishop’s Cellar! Get your tickets for $30 each here.

Feeling a little more relaxed about the holidays? We hope so!

Bishop’s Landing is your one-stop-shop when it comes to holiday preparation. Whether you’re shopping for gifts or getting ready to host a party, you’ll find what you need on the waterfront. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with what’s new at Bishop’s Landing, and be sure to visit us in December to see our beautiful lights and decorations!