Mella Roman gifts at Maples Gallery

This work is from Mella Roman, the pattern is called Freedom and is inspired by the ocean. These pieces are hand painted. They make unique gifts for weddings, or any other special occasion.
Contact Arline on 902-830-2269 or visit her Facebook page to keep up to date!


  1. Sally Lewis

    I just broke a beautiful wine glass by Mella Roman, and would like to replace it. Do you have pictures of other pieces Mella has done? Thank you. Or, can I get in touch with Mella?

    • Bishops Landing

      Hi Sally, I’m sorry to hear about your glass. Unfortunately, Maples Gallery is no longer in Bishop’s Landing. You may be able to get in touch with Mella through her LinkedIn profile: This appears to be her only presence online. Good luck!

    • Marjorie Bain

      I also own several pieces of Mella’s work and just spoke with her daughter at the Art Gallery of Burlington, Ontario. You can reach her daughter at or 905-632-7796 Ext.301

  2. Jocelyne Velardi


    Few years ago, I bought 6 glasses of wine and I think that the name of that was grape flute glass

    I loved them and I appreciate to buy some 6 others Could you make them again.?

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