About Southwest Properties

Southwest Properties was founded by Simon Spatz, who emigrated to Canada in 1950. Simon learned English as a meat cutter in local grocery stores and, once he had mastered both the language and the business, bought his own grocery market.

His second investment was in real estate. He bought a few houses, and then his first apartment building in the South End of Halifax. Motivated by his newfound passion for managing apartments, he sold his grocery store and went into the real estate business full-time in the 1960s.

Since then, the Southwest Properties name has been synonymous with quality and thoughtful design. Southwest Properties invests in the communities in which they build, and manage their buildings with the care they give to their own living spaces.

Southwest Properties built the first mixed-use, multi-unit building on the Halifax waterfront in 2003 and named it Bishop’s Landing. Since then, they’ve managed the award-winning property the way Simon managed his first property back in the 1950s—with trust, consideration, and close attention to detail.

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