Art Everywhere! Celebrating Local Artists In and Around Bishop’s Landing


Despite any recent kerfuffle regarding a mural, the people of Halifax love to celebrate art. It seems like everywhere you look, you’ll see a new sculpture, painting, or installation just waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a serious art connoisseur or just a casual fan, there’s publicly accessible art in Halifax for everyone. In this post, we’re going to let you know where and when you can see some of the most exciting new art in Halifax, then we’re going to talk about how we can celebrate art in unexpected forms at Bishop’s Landing, every day of the year!

Watch Art Come to Life with Sculpture Nova Scotia 

From now until October 17th, you can watch artists at work thanks to Sculpture Nova Scotia and the Waterfront Development Corporation. Located where Salter Street and the waterfront meet, Sculpture Nova Scotia artists will be transforming granite slabs into outdoor sculptures before your eyes from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5 pm. Stop by for a moment (or spend a few hours watching their progress) and you’re sure to be impressed. When these sculptures are finished, they will be on display during the Nocturne Festival. And, speaking of Nocturne…

Experience Art at Night with Nocturne! 

Described as an evening of art and wonder in the heart of Halifax, Nocturne is an event unlike any other you’ll find in the city. For one night only (this year, Nocturne will be taking place on October 17th), the streets come alive with local artists showcasing unique exhibits for people of all ages. From live installations and interactive designs, to more traditional paintings and sculptures, Nocturne is one of the most popular events in the city of Halifax every year. This year’s collection of artists and performers is certain to live up to the hype!

Discover Art Every Day at Bishop’s Landing 

You may not realize it, but Bishop’s Landing is alive with artists of a different sort everyday. Whether it’s a locally made latte from the Smiling Goat, delicious handcrafted treats and candy made with Nova Scotian ingredients from the gang at Sugah!, custom made jewelry pieces at Frida, or the carefully crafted meals you can try every night at Hamachi House, Ristorante A Mano, and The Bicycle Thief, Bishop’s Landing is always alive with talented, local art (that you can take home for a lot less than at a gallery!). So, come on down and have a look at all the fabulous works of art that Bishop’s Landing has to offer you, all year round.

For more information on what’s happening around Bishop’s Landing, be sure to visit To learn more about Nocturne: Art at Night visit and to see more about Sculpture NS, visit

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