NOW OPEN: delicious, healthy, locally made premium Haskap berry products at Bishop’s Landing

Haskapa was founded by a group of like-minded friends with a passion for healthy, delicious, and naturally grown berries.

In 2011, they discovered the Haskap berry—a crop native to Japan and Siberia which flourishes in Nova Scotian conditions. “Haskap” is derived from a Japanese word meaning “little present at the end of the branch”. It’s a fitting name, considering all the Haskap berry has to offer.

High in anthocyanins, vitamin C, phenolic compounds, and other antioxidants, the Haskap berry has been traditionally used to ease gastrointestinal problems and reduce blood pressure. They are also incredibly delicious with a unique natural sweetness which has been compared to a mixture of blueberry and raspberry with a hint of elderberry.

Haskapa pairs with culinary artisans to produce the finest Haskap berry products, including dried and frozen Haskap, Haskap chocolates, juices, jams, condiments, gift baskets, and more. Haskapa also offers a selection of other locally produced treats such as Acadian Maple Products.

Haskap berry Haskapa

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1477 Lower Water Street
Bishop’s Landing
Halifax, Nova Scotia


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10:00 am — 6:00 pm, 7 days a week


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